Grace Nail Company has organized to full fill the needs of women who are so busy. The company is a member of the Hair care services Industry. Grace Nail Generates revenue worth $ 36000 USD.

The founder of the Grace Nail Company is Babara Lampugnale, who made all the  Cosmetic products. Her main motive was to become an inspiration for other women. But it was not easy.

Babara manages her home, Daughter, and Grace Nail so well. She is a  strong hardworking and Quick Learner, Ms. Lamopugnale was doing her job so well. 

The previous name of the company was Nail Pak, later on, the company comes up with a new name called Grace Nail. all the products of the company were presented by Babara 

Afcource the come is still making a profit and in recent years their sales is also been increased, the new name company is giving tough competition in the market.

When Sharks gets to know,  All of a sudden  She Invested $300000 in the company they were shocked. And they really want to know from where she got the money.

She found difficulties while making the product, while giving an Interview to a magazine she reveals that, I hope we pass this time.

She Introduces a product that contains all the required things in one bottle, which involves nail polish as well the company is known as Duality Cosmetics.

She also patents her product as well, so that no one else will use or sell any product regarding this, Babara goes to Shark and offered him 20/ in the company. 

Babara’s products were doing so well at the time of  Shark Tank but after her product is not attracting customers and faces a lot of problems because of competition.