Golden Globes Eligibility Rules For 2023

The eligibility requirements for the updated 2023 Golden Globe Awards were released on June 6, 2022, by The Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

As per updated rules, a hybrid approach of in-person, DVD, or online screenings of eligible films in English and other languages is now allowed.

“With the current relaxation of restrictions by federal, state, and local health officials, the HFPA is reverting to its regular eligibility requirements,” HFPA President said.

“We will remain flexible in allowing eligibility through a combination of in-person screenings or submittal of screeners in DVD or online form for our jurors,” he added.

No date has been confirmed yet for the 2023 Golden Globes. It is announced that HFPA will provide distributors of motion pictures with a hybrid approach to screenings.

The official screening date must be no later than 7 days after the release of that motion picture in Los Angeles for English-language motion pictures.

If the country of origin is not the U.S.A., then non-English language films do not require to follow this rule. However, must take place prior to the final date for all 2022 motion picture screenings.

Distributors are required to provide all HFPA jurors an opportunity for in-person screening in both L.A. and New York or distributors can provide a screening link or a DVD copy.

The final date for all 2022 motion picture screenings including all screenings of non-English language motion pictures will be announced separately.