Garcelle Beauvais Opens Up About Her Eczema Battle

In The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Garcelle Beauvais is known for her glamorous lifestyle, but behind the camera, she struggles with the painful skin condition eczema.

Beauvais was diagnosed with eczema a chronic inflammatory skin disorder that affects people's skin and can be exacerbated by stress, environmental factors and allergens.

"I was in my 30s when out of the blue I started getting these patches on my skin and they would be really itchy," Beauvais, told PEOPLE.

"I didn't know what it was — like, 'Did something bite me?' It just kept coming up in different places, and the more I stressed about it, the more they'd come out. I didn't know what to do." she added

The actress, best known for roles on NYPD Blue and The Jamie Foxx Show, found ways to mitigate her condition.

"I started getting the patches behind my knees and I wanted to crawl out of my skin because it's so irritating," she says.

"I didn't want to wear halter tops or shorts because you could see the dry, itchy patches." she added

Beauvais tries to stay away from scented lotions, perfumes and her beloved hot baths

"Oh, I always have breakouts during filming Housewives!" she says with a laugh. "But I manage it as best as I can. I have to pick my battles!"