I fought hard and lost that battle: Amber Heard's Attorney

Amber Heard’s lawyer Elaine Bredehoft speaks on the case and on women who do not have evidence. 

Elaine Bredehoft said they did not believe Amber because the celebrity status of Amber is compared to Johnny Depp.

She also mentioned that she fought hard and lost the battle. Elaine says Ambers next move is appeal.

Elaine wins internet's sympathy for 'trying' in Johnny Depp case and says 'It's just hard to defend someone who is guilty'

Amber Heard lawyer confirms that Amber will appeal defamation trial verdict says Johnny Depp fans threatened to microwave her baby

Amber Heard’s lawyer said that Amber was “repress” by ex-husband Johnny Depp’s legal team and excoriated on social media

Elaine Bredehoft said jury was influenced by a relentless hail of social media posts attacking her and supporting Depp. 

Bredehoft said “These people were giving her death threats. This is the kind of social media she was getting,”

AbHeard’s acting career has been more modest, and her only 2 upcoming roles are in a small film and the upcoming Aquaman sequel due out next year. stract art doesn’t have to be expensive.