Fans slam Simon Cowell for prejudgment of 'pole dancer' Kristy Sellars

When Australian dancer and mother-of-three children- Kristy Sellars stepped onto America's Got Talent to showcase her pole dancing skills, Simon wasted no time in declaring it as "pointless".

The judge sat back in his chair while rolling his eyes even before Kristy began her performance. 

Despite Simon's negative attitude and pre-judgment, Kristy remained undeterred and went on to give one of the best pole dancing performances.

She effortlessly fused art and story-telling into her performance, with her clever usage of animated backdrop and including it in her performance.

By the time she was done, the judges including Simon were on their feet giving a standing ovation to Kristy performance.

While giving his feedback to Kristy, Simon admitted that he wasn't excited to watch yet another pole dancer on the show, but Kristy's ability to add a story to her performance left him bowled. 

All the four judges unanimously gave a resounding yes to the Australian dancer and expressed their interest in seeing what she would do next.

After watching Simon do a 180 on his opinion about Kristy's performance, several fans slam him for judging Kristy without watching her performance.

Fans also praise Kristy's flawless performance which they felt "shut" Simon and his biases down.