Everything we know about 'Endeavour' Season 9

The detective drama Endeavour season 9 is currently filming and now confirmed as its last in Oxford and is set to air later this year.  

Stars of the show Shaun Evans, Anton Lesser, and Roger Allam are returning.

The screenwriter of Endeavour Season 9 is Russell Lewis decided it was time for the much-loved TV series to come to an end. 

The British television detective TV show, which is set in the 1960s, follows the adventures of a young Endeavour Morse after he transfers to the Oxford City Police.

Executive Producer Damien Timmer of the series said in a statement "Endeavour has been a real labour of love for all of us, and we salute Russell Lewis for his extraordinary achievement"

Also reprising their roles for the upcoming drama will be Roger Allam, who stars as DCI Fred Thursday and Anton Lesser who plays CS Reginald Bright.

Endeavour Season 9, have yet to reveal an official release date for Endeavour's final season. 

Endeavour is the third of the Inspector Morse trilogy series, which aired from 2012 until now. It followed on from the original Inspector Morse (1987 - 2000), and its sequel Lewis (2006 - 2015).

Author Colin Dexter’s first novel was published in 1975, and in 1987 ITV began adapting the books for the hit drama, casting Thaw as Chief Inspector Morse with Whately as the then Sergeant Lewis.