Elon Musk’s son Legally changed Last Name & Gender To Female

Elon Musk’s child has officially removed father name from his name through the courts order to allow him to do so.

Elon Musk’s son Xavier Alexander Musk who is 18 year old who elon musk shared with her Ex-wife Justine Wilson has changed his nameto his mothers name.

Xavier Alexander Musk has filled a petition to change his name and gender identity and he has got the orders from court that he change it.

“The Petitioner’s name is changed from Xavier Alexander Musk to Vivian Jenna Wilson has been approved by the court.

Elon has 2 oldest children Vivian and Griffin. The twins were conceived with the help of IVF with Elon’s first wife Justine.

The pair later had a set of triplets: Kai, Saxon, and Damian after that and then with girlfriend Grimes he had a son X Æ A-Xii.

Elon and Grimes also welcomed a daughter Exa Dark Sideræl Musk in secret. they got splited by the time that their daughter was made public.

Elon shared on tweeted on the occasion of Father’s Day message on June 19. “I love all my kids so much,” he wrote.

Though, Elon Musk has not made any officiall statment on the change of name and gender identity of her son.