Declan O'Brien dies at the of 56

Declan O'Brien was an American film and television writer and director.

He was born on December 21, 1965, in Rochester, New York, United States.

Declan was best known for directing three films in the Wrong Turn series (2009-2012).

Declan O'Brien was the president of  Fairport Filmworks.

Declan O'Brien also directed the 2010 horror film Sharktopus by Roger Corman.

Declan also wrote the movie The Snake King for Syfy.

He also wrote the screenplay for The Harpy, which began its pre-production in June 2006.

Declan O'Brien died on February 16, 2022, at the age of 56.

He has three children named Alec O'Brien, Aidan O'Brien, and Caitlin O'Brien.