Debbie Rowe and Micheal Jackson’s Relationship timeline

Debbie Rowe, the dermatology assistant is the second wife of Michael Jackson and the mother of his 2 kids a son and a daughter.

Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe first met in 1986, while Rowe was working as an assistant for Jackson’s dermatologist Doctor Arnold Klein.

Then Debbie Rowe became pregnant with his child and because of the child, they got married at the Sheraton on the Park Hotel in Sydney, Australia.

The press and public reaction to the marriage were negative and cynical but Michael Jackson made the statement “Debbie and I love each other for all the things."

Debbie Rowe gave birth to 2 children son Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr. born on February 13th, 1997, and a daughter Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson.

Debbie Rowe and Micheal Jackson got divorced on October 8, 1999, and $10 million as a divorce settlement gave Jackson full custody rights to her children. 

Rowe explained her relationship with kids and Micheal Jackson "I did not leave my children. My children are with their father, where they are supposed to be”.

Following Micheal Jackson's death in 2009, his mother Katherine was made the permanent guardian of Prince, Paris, and their half-brother ‘Blanket’.

Debbie spoke of her bond with Paris, she said: “She is my rock. She is amazing. She has been with me the whole time