Danny Ainge Net Worth

Danny Ainge is an American basketball executive and retired professional basketball and baseball player.

Born on March 17, 1959 and serves as President of Basketball Operations for the Boston Celtics.

Ainge reside with his wife Michelle in Wellesley, Massachusetts and have six children

During his playing career he appeared in the 1988 All-Star Game, and was the NBA Executive of the Year in 2008. 

He was an exceptional high school athlete and one of the rising NBA players

Danny Ainge has a net worth of $10 million

Ainge joined the Utah Jazz as an alternate governor and CEO.

Ainge played in the NBA for 14 seasons

Danny Ainge retires after 18 Years as Celtics GM.He retired after the 1994–1995 season. He got enlisted into the Oregon Sports Hall of Fame in 1999.