Cowboy Ryan Net Worth

Ryan “Cowboy” Ehmann is a former professional rodeo rider. He is the creator of the fitness program “Lose 12 Inches In 12 Workouts.”

Cowboy Ryan gained mainstream success when he appeared on Shark Tank in March 2013. He pitched his business to gain some investment.

On Shark Tank, Cowboy Ryan asked for an investment of $120,000 in exchange for 25 percent equity and got his offer accepted.

His offer was accepted by investor Daymond John. Daymond liked his business that he accepted the offer without making any counteroffer.

While talking about the impact on his business after appearing on Shark Tank, Ryan said that the three years after the show  has been “one heck of a ride.”

After Shark Tank, Ryan decided to close his two gyms in Colorado so that he can focus entirely on online sales. However, this idea did not work for him.

While talking about this incident, Ryan revealed that Daymond John stepped up and helped him in getting things back to normal. He helped his business to grow.

Daymond helped Ryan in the process of opening a rodeo-themed gym in Loveland, Colorado. He calls the gym by the name "Cowboy Gyms".

At the time when Cowboy Ryan appeared on Shark Tank, his business was worth somewhere around $3000,000 (according to the offer he made on the show).