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Chuck Norris Net Worth

Chuck Norris is an American martial artist, actor, screenwriter, and producer, best known for his mastery of martial arts and all-around badassery. 

In 1958, Chuck joined the Air Force as Air Policeman stationed at Osan Air Base in South Korea. While there, he began training in martial arts.

He had his own cartoon show in the 1980s. "Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos," The show was too violent and got canceled.

In 2013, Norris listed his Dallas home for $1.2 million. He used to lived during his Walker, Texas Ranger days and he co-owned it with his brother Aaron.

Norris is outspoken about his Christian faith and is the author of several books on Christianity.

Chuck Norris Net Worth is $100 Million

Chuck Norris include 9 real estate properties, 7 Cars, 4 Luxury Yachts. Chuck Assets Portfolio also includes Cash Reserves of over $23 Million.

Chuck Norris owns an investment portfolio of 10 stocks that is valued at $12 Million. He in one of three Americans to achieve eighth-degree black belt in tae-kwon-do.

Chuck Norris has received “Veteran of the Year 2001” honor at the 6th Annual American Veteran Awards.