Christina Aguilera performs 'Lady Marmalade' with Mya at LA Pride

Christina Aguilera and Mya performed "Lady Marmalade" from 2001's "Moulin Rouge!" on Saturday, June 11.

The original collaboration also included Pink, Lil' Kim, and Missy Elliott, but Aguilera and Mya were on fire

“Thank you so much for doing this,” says Aguilera to Mya in a clip of the performance. “Mya, ladies and gentlemen.”

Earlier this week, Aguilera wrote a heartfelt message thanking her LGBTQ+ for their support.

I feel safe with them to express myself however I want, whether it be through a huge ballad or something super sensual because they appreciate it all." she wrote

"I get to be as colorful and loud as I want to be. They’re my people,” she wrote in a letter posted by People.

Aguilera continued, "I also want to mention that my friends in the LGBTQ+ community have helped me in ways that I will never forget."

"They've allowed me the freedom to be myself and share my deepest, darkest secrets with them."she added

"I was also proud to put a spotlight on the LGBTQ+ community with my "Beautiful" music video" she said