Celebrities who Donates most of their Money

It is impossible not to take notice of the large number of stars who have shown their passion for being charitable. They are often seen talking about the importance of charity.

When we talk about charity, Angelina Jolie is the first one who comes to our mind. She never failed to show how much she cares about the lives and well-being of others.

Beyoncé’s charitable deeds have also not gone unnoticed. She has even received a BET Humanitarian Award win and DoSomething.org’s Most Charitable Celebrity title.

When we are talking about charity, how can we forget about Shawn Mendes? He has worked with DoSomething.org and the American Red Cross to help combat worldly issues.

In the month of March 2022, Gigi Hadid opted to donate her salary from Paris Fashion Week shows to the victims of the Russia-Ukraine war.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds also donated to the victims of the Russia-Ukraine war. They helped several Ukrainians who were forced to flee their homes to neighboring countries.

The former Real Housewives of New York City star, Bethenny Frankel. In February 2022, she announced that $10 million in aid was en route, and another $1.5 million was already raised.

According to some reports on the internet, Keanu Reeves has donated "around 70 percent" of his salary from 1999's The Matrix to search for a cure for leukemia.

In December 2021, Bella Hadid was seen spending the day after Christmas volunteering with a New York City food bank. “My perfect Christmas," she wrote via Instagram.