Britney Spears’s sister Jamie Lynn Reacts to Not Being Invited in wedding

After being not invited from her sister wedding ceremony, Jamie Lynn Spears reacted to the wedding by 'liking' a post on Instagram.

Jamie Lynn Spears congratulated her sister Britney Spears on getting married to Sam Asghari in spite of not being invited to the ceremony.

Jamie “liked” a post by E! News on Instagram about her sister weeding which is hels on June 9

The post featured a photo of Britney with guests Selena Gomez and Drew Barrymore, and Jamie Lynn who hit ‘like’ button to show her support.

Jamie Lynn was not the only family member who is not invited from Britney nuptials. Their dad Jamie Spears,  and mom Lynne Spears was also didn’t receive an invite. 

Britney brother Bryan was present at wedding. Her sons Sean and Jayden did not go, which their dad Kevin confirmed hours before the ceremony took place.

There has been lot of drama in Spears family due to the abusive conservatorship that Britney was going from 2008 until late 2021

Britney and Jamie fight became public when Jamie Lynn started promoting her book Things I Should Have Said amidst Britney’s battle to end the conservatorship. 

The siblings went back and forth on social media as Britney accused her little sister of being “scum” and “lying” about stories in the book.