Bobby Brown opens up on broken romance with ‘Crush’ Janet Jackson 

Robert Barisford Brown is an American singer, songwriter and dancer and Janet Damita Jo Jackson is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and dancer.

“I had a big crush on Janet,” Bobby admitted. “Everything. Her little smile, her body, dance moves, her little laugh.” he said

In the 2018 Bobby biopic, scenes depicted Bobby and Janet falling for each other while she was in a relationship with Rene Elizondo Jr. 

The series depicted Bobby asking Janet if she couldn’t be with him because of the darker color of his skin.

“We loved each other’s company,” Bobby added in the Biography special. While Janet has never publicly spoken about her alleged romance with Bobby

“We didn’t have that long of a relationship. The reason me and Janet broke it off is because she couldn’t be with a man like myself." he said

"Her father wouldn’t allow her to be with someone like me. Janet was the crush of my life.” he added

After the two broke it off, Bobby said he met the “love of life” to Whitney Houston, who he went on to marry.

Bobby Brown had a smile on his face while discussing his alleged relationship with Janet Jackson in his A&E Biography special, which aired on May 30.