Beyonce is coming back with new album ‘Renaissance’

There has been a buzz about Beyoncé's new album release last week since she deleted her profile photos from her social media accounts.

Well, it seems like Beyonce fans have official news Beyonce's next solo album, Renaissance is due for release on 29 July.

It's been six years since the superstar released her last music studio album, Lemonade.

The official news of Beyonce's new album Renaissance was confirmed by Tidal, the music streaming company that was earlier owned by Beyoncé's husband, Jay-Z.

Beyonce's upcoming album "Renaissance" will be out this summer, with Part 1 dropping on July 29, 2022.

Immediately after the announcement was made, Beyonce began trending on Twitter and her Instagram bio also included details of the new Album.

Beyonce has also dropped a hint about her new album 'Renaissance' she revealed that she had been working in the studio for one and a half years on something new.

Then she added that she had a feeling of a renaissance emerging, and she added, "Yes, the music is coming!"

Beyonce hasn’t dropped a studio album since Lemonade in 2016 seems like the wait is now over for fans.