Ben Baller Net Worth

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Ben Baller is an American musician, a jewelry maker, and an actor. He was born on on January 27, 1973, in Los Angeles, California, U.S. as Ben Yang.

Icee Fresh Jewels which is used for making extravagant diamond-encrusted jewelry was founded by Ben Baller. He also made a diamond-encrusted belt buckle for Michael Jackson.

As of 2022, Ban is 49 years old. His height is around 6 feet 0 inches (1.83 m) and his weight is somewhere around 85 Kg (187 lbs).

Ban got his school education at Beverly Hills High. Later, he did his graduation from the University of California, Berkeley. He was also enrolled in San Francisco State University.

He has a degree in a BFA in cinematography. When he was studying in school, he used to play football and basketball.

In the year 1993, Ban started his music industry career. He got his first job as a DJ at Washington’s restaurant.

As of 2021, the net worth of Ben Baller is somewhere around $100 million. This net worth includes all of the assets, money, and income owned by him.