Bella Poarch is a Famous Filipino - American Singer, TiK Tok Star model, and Social Media Star. In 2022  her Net worth is estimated at around $ 8 million USD.

According to Various Sources, Bella earns $ 30000 per Tik Tok and $ 23000 for Sponsored IG Content. Her per month income is estimated at around more than $ 40000.

Bella Poarch generates most of her income From Tik-Tok, Social Media and Music Industry. She also has a You tube Channel where she uploads her new Musical Videos.  

Poarch is a young star and at this age her annual income is approximately estimated at around $ 2 million USD. Which is tremendous for a girl like her. 

Being a star, She likes to live a Luxurious life, and many media sources reveal that Bella bought a new Maserati Ghibli Gran Lusso Car worth $ 90000. 

Aside, she also has a Twitch Donation which helps in Increasing her income. Her income is Increasing day by day and her You tube also plays a big part in it.   

Her fans are in Millions, that's why Bella Poarch Comes in the Category of Top 4 Tik Tokers around the world. She became so popular because of her Tik Tok account where she posted her Lip- Sync.

She is also Famous in various Social media accounts such as Instagram, Coming to her Instagram her Instagram followers are over 14 millions.    

Bella Poarch was born on 9th February 1997,  in the Philippines, She used to live with her parents. But her Grandmother took care of her in Childhood. 

2020 was the year when she made her Tik  Tok account, she usually makes videos which are based on Cosplay Content and Gaming.