Bag Bowl Net Worth

A bag Bowl is a bag that is collapsible and can be turned into a bowl. This idea is totally unique, crazy, useful, and innovative idea through which one product can be used in two ways.

Bag Bowl is easily convertible which makes it very user-friendly. With this innovation, you do not need to carry a separate bowl to eat if you have carried it in Bag Bowl.

Not only this, Bag Bowl is completely eco-friendly. This means it can be used again and also can be recycled. It does not harm the environment at all.

Bag Bowl got immense popularity after its makers visited Shark Tank Season 4, Episode 4 to ask for some investment from the well-known business tycoons known as 'Sharks'.

The business of Bag Bowl was started by Brian Fleming and Kevin Fleming. In the shark tank, they asked for $40,000 for 33%. Their offer got accepted by Lori Greiner.

During their pitch, Fleming Brother demonstrated Bag Bowl by giving some live examples to turn a bag into a bowl. Sharks were quite impressed by the concept.

After Shark Tank, the Bag Bowl was not available for the customers because of some difficulties in production. In 2013, the makers "Themed" its availability will be available soon for the customers.

According to the 2021 report, the Bag Bowl business was closed in 2018 end. Till that time, the company earned revenue through online sales. It had a net worth of $120,000.

After shutting down their business of Bag Bowl, the Fleming decided to return back to their respective paths. Kevin returned to cloud computing & Brian returned to real estate.