Anne Heche Is in a Coma After Fiery Car Crash

Heche was driving a car that sped out of control, plowed into a house, and burst into flame. 

Heche remained hospitalized in a critical condition and connected to breathing machine, four days after suffering severe injuries.

Heche, 53, has been hospitalized since shortly after the compact car she was driving sped out of control late Friday morning.

No one inside the home was hurt, but the impact set the dwelling ablaze, requiring a response by dozens of firefighters.

A Los Angeles Police Department spokesperson said on Monday the cause and circumstances of the crash remain under investigation.

"At this time, she is in extreme critical condition," Michael McConnell told Reuters in a text message

Heche has a significant pulmonary injury requiring mechanical ventilation and burns that require surgical intervention.

The Los Angeles Times quoted a Venice Beach salon owner, Richard Glass, recounting a visit by Heche to his shop shortly before the crash.

Heche came to prominence for her Emmy-winning work on the daytime television drama Another World.