'American Rust' Gets Renewal for Season 2 by Amazon Freevee

After the first season of American Rust, the series get canceled the Amazon Freevee continues to get 'American Rust' Gets Season 2

In January 2022, the series was call off after 1 season by Showtime and then in June 2022, series was save for a 2 season by Amazon Freevee

American Rust is coming with its second season. After the Showtime series received the drop after only 1 season, IMDb TV snatched it up to declare simply on their platform.

The renewal will be a relief for Dan Futterman and Adam Rapp who will be given the chance to continue telling their story 

The story they will tell would be about the gritty Rust Belt town in Pennsylvania. Jeff Daniels will return with star Maura Tierney.

The first season is a crime drama which is about the life of Del Harris who is chief of police in a small, southwestern town in Pennsylvania.

Life gets upside down or hectic for Harris when the son of the woman he loves, becomes the main suspect in a brutle murder.

After renewal Daniels said "I’m grateful to Amazon Freevee for giving us the chance to make Season Two of American Rust"

He further said "Set inside a struggling American small town, our authentic, realistically told story is built for streaming"