The trailer, which launched on Sunday, announced some of what to expect from the season of the series, including the appearance of a new character.

 The devil is a part timer series writer called SATOSHI WAGAHARA. And the total number of  episodes is 13 in season one.

The opening theme is "ZERO!!" by Minami Kuribayashi, while the ending theme is "Gekka'' (月花, lit. "Moon Flower'') by Nano Ripe.

A second season was announced at Kadoka WA's Light Novel Expo on March 6, 2021, with the main cast reprising their roles. The second season, titled The Devil Is a Part-Timer!!

Main characters in this amazing series are Sadako Mabou, Emi Yusra, Shiro Ashiya,Chiho Saski, Hanzo Urushihara,Suzuno  Kamazuki.

No one was really looking at this series. The first episode’s great humor changed everyone's mind . As the series has to be continued , everyone enjoyed the humor, action and amazing characters.

it took a long time, but our favorite Mg Ronald's shift manager is back to win at life with The Devil Is A Part-Timer Season 2 .

Alongside the trailer, a new visual for the series was also released, giving fans a look at many of the characters that will be in the upcoming season.


 It got 9th in new type most popular anime for the year of 2013. we are very excited to watch the next season. 

they are 7.6 rating on imbd website. this is amazing series. nd hope so next season will same, watch and chill.