Alex Jones is a famous American Conspiracy Theorist, and Far Right Political Extremist Whose Net Worth is Estimated around at $135 million USD in 2022.

But the thing which made him so popular is the ‘Alex Jones Show. He owns more than 17 Real Estate Properties which helps him to generate more income.

Alex Jones Was Born on 11th February 1974 in Texas, USA. He lived with his family, Jones’s Mother is a Homemaker and his Father is a Dentist.

In Austin, he Joined Anderson High School in 1993 he used to play Football there, After that he studied at Austin Community College but eventually dropped out.

Jones starts his career with a TV program in Austin, Afterwards he switch to hosting a Show on KJFK's “The Final Edition”, Later on, he was fired. 

For the State Representative in Texas, he was a Candidate for Republicans in 2000. but after some time he quit the race and starts focusing on his radio show.

On the day when the 9/11 attacks were going on, he starts promoting a Conspiracy theory against the Bush Governance, That the Attacks were preplanned.

According to various media sources, Alex is the world's best Radio Host. by 2022 his net worth is approximately $135 million, and his income keeps increasing. 

Because of his talk show, he has  Millions of listeners. Alex has a number of assets as well like 3Yachts, 7 Cars and so on which shows he loves to live a Luxurious Life.

‘America Destroyed by Design’ was his first movie, which was Produced by him in 1998. Mr. Jones also wrote two books named The Answer to and Descent Into Tyranny.