Al Gore is a Former Senator, Environmental Activist, and Entrepreneur, In 2022 his Net Worth is estimated at around $ 300 million USD. 

Al Gore is a popular and well-known personality, he generates most of his income from Business, and he is doing so great with his business.

According to several media sources,  his annual income is approximately estimated at around 25 million USD. Which is tremendous for an entrepreneur like him. 

In August 2022, Al Gore's monthly salary went to $ 2 million dollars, Mr. Gore also found a cable news network which is known as Current TV.

He purchased a villa in California worth $ 8.9 million dollars, the villa contains a Spa and Pool. and he also purchased some other properties in Belle Meade.

He sold his channel at around $ 180 million USD, to AL Jazeera News Network. And he got most of his money after selling his channel.

1976 was the year when he was elected to the US Senate, later on in 1988 he ran in the presidential race. But he got only 10 percent votes and quit the race. 

In 2006 he released an Environmentalist documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth” and the fans liked this movie so much.

He was born on 31st March 1948, in Washington DC, United States. His family is a political family and Gore spend his childhood with his family.

Generation Investment Management is a company whose chairman is Al Gore, the company's assets are approximately $ 4.5  billion.