'American Got Talent 2022’ Shocking Eliminations 

"Season 17 championship"

Weeks after the audition the first result of the American's Got Talent Quarterfinals went down on August 10.

Nine acts went home whereas two acts went to the next round. This Season has no instant save. Once an act is gone, it's gone.

Host of AGT Terry Crews said the first two acts are Amoukanama and Lace Larrabee. While the first act of Amoukanama is still on.

NFL Players Choir beats out Oleksandr Yenivatov to stay in the running. NFL Players Choir into the next round.

Avery Dixon called along with Stefanny and Jeremy.American fall in love with Avery's performance and Avery heading to the Finals.

Next on stage were Ava Swiss and Don McMillan. In a shocking turn, Don headed to the Top 5  and not Ava. Simon Cowell was surprised by the results. 

Drake Milligan, Ben Lapidus, and Amazing Veronica & Her Incredible Friends are the  Three acts left on Top5  of this Quarterfinals.    Let's see which one wins season 17 AGT. 

First act of the Season 17 finals is… Drake Milligan down to Avery and Don.  Second act joining Drake in the finals is Avery Dixon!

Top 3 acts are Avery, Don, and Drake other than them 2 will go on Top5 and fans are excited who will win the season 17 AGT .