AGT: Demon choir shocks Simon Cowell by 'fantastically creepy' set

America's Got Talent is well known for surprises and in an audition boy did The Dremeka Choir deliver an audition no one saw coming.

The group took the stage wearing a typical choir outfit that seemed quite lovely and mild-mannered and then they started singing.

The Dremeka Choir was one of the only metal choirs in the world, launched into "O Fortuna," followed by a cover of Britney Spears's "Toxic" that sounded like it came straight from the depths of hell.

As you all know that Cowell is known as a monstrously tough judge but he loved that performance.

He commented "It’s like demons in a choir singing the song from 'The Omen, It was so fantastically creepy. I'm all for going over to the dark side eventually, so I get it."

Sofia Vergara said the act made her feel like she was "in some kind of movie with dragons and fires."

Heidi Klum did not like that one. She hit her "X" buzzer in the middle.  She said, "I didn’t particularly love it, I don’t think that people would necessarily buy a ticket to come and watch that."

Howie Mandel said, “I think you’re opening the eyes and ears of America on our stage,".

The group earned three yes's by their audition which is enough for them to reach the next round.