After Divorce Kim Is Helping Her Kids Celebrate Kanye West’s Birthday 

If Kanye West wants to blow the candles on his cake with his kids, Kim would 'never keep them away' from their dad on his special day.

Kanye “Ye” West will turn 45 on June 8, and though Kim will not be on the guest list, kim is making sure that there kids spend there time with there dad.

Source told “Kim isn’t involving herself in Kanye’s birthday plans this year but she knows that he will want to spend time with his kids and celebrate with them.”

Kim has been helping their kids to prepare for Ye’s birthday. She has been taking the kids shopping to pick something out for their dad’s birthday.

She wanted to make sure and buy a gift for their father from each of the kids because she still cares about Kanye.

Kim believes that it is important for their kids to spend his birthday with him, and she would never keep them away from their father

Kanye West birthday things will happen in La. Ye “hasn’t mentioned taking the kids out of town or anything yet,”

Source told “Their custody arrangement is still being ironed out, and kim has some vacations planned this summer that involve the kids and some that do not,” 

Further said "Kanye and Kim are devoted parents who will always put their kids first, and there kids are never left without one of their parents"