10 Best DC Universe Superhero Couples 

The two almost got married, but that all fell apart when they realized it could never work.

Batman & Catwoman

Black Canary was one of DC's greatest female heroes.  They fight all the time but that is what helped make them strong and they eventually married and had a child.

Green Arrow & Black Canary

The underwater King of Atlantis and his bride share both love and heartbreak together. The couple had a child who died, driving them apart for a time.

Aquaman & Mera

They are both cursed to die and resurrect, only to continue their relationship and battle as heroes once again. 

Hawkman & Hawkwoman

 Nightwing and Oracle grew up together while Dick was Robin and Barbara was Batgirl.  They are now close allies and share one of the best friendships in DC.

Nightwing & Oracle

Mister Miracle and Big Barda came out of Jack Kirby's Fourth World, which was DC's cosmic universe, which introduced the New Gods, expanding on Darkseid's universe. 

Mister Miracle & Big Barda

Sapphire became a villain at first and battled Green Lantern but she regained control. They showed up when the Silver Age began and Hal became the new Green Lantern. 

Green Lantern & Sapphire

Tim and Stephanie began a serious relationship with each other, but it was never an easy one. While they are not always together.

Tim Drake & Stephanie Brown

Based on Superman and Batman, this was one of the most important LGBTQ+ relationships in comics, and while it started outside of DC.

Midnighter & Apollo