Aquaman 2

Aquaman 2 The Lost Kingdom

The original title of the film Aquaman 2 The Lost Kingdom movie is ‘Aquaman and The Lost kingdom.’ The original title of this movie is ‘Aquaman and The Lost kingdom.’ And this title of Aquaman’s sequel was announced by director James Wan on the social media platform of Instagram, with the caption “The tide is rising”.

The filming has started, and the plotline has finally detailed Jason Momoa’s Army link with the bottles of wine, and now we will discuss the upcoming DCEU film details. We can say that this person picks up from where the last movie Aquaman is ended the same when curry finally embraces his role as the king of Atlantis. David Ken already targeted Aquaman, and he was rescued at the end of the first movie so that this movie will begin from there only. 

Kane is bringing Marine scientists with him, The role is going to be played in ‘Randall Park’. We expect to see behind-the-scenes footage of Aquaman’s sequel at the DC Fandom 2021.

Aquaman 2 The Lost kingdom, Full Cast list, Release Date | %currentyear% Aquaman 2 The Lost Kingdom official DC Movie Teaser Trailer, production budget
Aquaman 2 The Lost kingdom

Aquaman 2  cast is short on the list, but the key players are there to rock with their re-entry… And this starts with 

  • Jason Momoa/Aquaman in the role of Arthur
  • Amber Heard in the role of Meera 
  • Patrick Wilson is returning as king or/the ocean master
  • Temuera Morrison as Tom curry
  • Abdul Mateen 2 as Black Mantra
  • Pilou will be seen in a TBA role
  •  The return of Nicole Kidman as Atlanta and Willem Dafoe to be seen in the role of Nuidis is quite possible

Aquaman 2 The Lost Kingdom

The currently scheduled date for this purpose is to be on 16 December 2022.

This movie is directed by James wanScreenplay credits go to David Leslie Johnston, MC Goldrick, The story is done by David Leslie johnson Mc Goldrick, The characters are based on characters from DC Comics, Peter Safran and James want to produce this film, Don Burgess does cinematography.

Music credits go to Rupert Gregson-Williams, The production company involved were DC films, The Safran Company, Atomic monster productions, Country of origin I’d the United States, and the original language of this movie is English… The movie is looking very promising, and I am hoping for its success.

But let’s see what type of film it’s going to be in real life… 

This is not Aquaman 2 The Lost Kingdom official Teaser

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