All about the Jailbirds: New Orleans season 1

Feuds, flirtations, and toilet talk go down among the incarcerated women at the Orleans Justice Center in New Orleans on this gritty reality series. [Netflix]

All about the Jailbirds: New Orleans season 1…

Upcoming treat to watch

 It is a creation from Emmy Nominated producer “Rasha Dranchkovitch” This will be a reality series “Non-Fiction”Jailbirds: New Orleans Season 1 is streaming on Netflix with 3 episodes.

Full of weird talks between the “She Jailbirds”…Few plot details:

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Some people were caged in the show, to achieve their inner strength and peace or to find love for life;

Similarly, the story revolves around the caged “Jailbirds”; they spent time together… Become friends, enemies, or even frenemy, and they have given tons of strange tasks to survive in that jail for more time, The people caged in this justice Center are of different mindsets and belong to diverse backgrounds, respectively.

The most famous scene will be the ‘Toilet talks’ We can see it in its trailer too, and this show might be an Eye candy for the seekers of something real and “Beyond the society “… But this one is not made for the so-called melodrama viewer’s, 

Trailer’s synopsis:

The official trailer released on “ Netflix ” tells us that this show will be suspicious and scandalous… It was based on flirty caged characters and fights between them, we can see some women talking about toilets in a scene… The ladies incarcerated in New Orleans, the center of justice…

Jailbirds New Orleans Cast Production Trailer Explain | 2021
Jailbirds New Orleans Cast Production Trailer Explain | 2021

Something about the showing media platform:

The show will soon be released on the world’s leading streaming site for the service of “Entertainment… Over 209 million people have paid a subscription for that, and this will be shown worldwide… 

And that is “Netflix “, Choosing this show to release on this media platform will be a plus point for the creators… This show will give us the inside view of the caged women and their viewpoints on life, 

The cast of this series is not very much revealed yet, but it will soon be announced… The reality drama piece is ready to hit the screens on September 24 on “Netflix streaming media“.

The Center of attraction:

The Center of attraction of the show will be the way of living of the prisoned Ladies… It is just like a documentary film of the caged women’s ” She Jailbirds “… 

The show will be based on prison life, An exclusive showcase of tough characters, and Rude reality will be the massive pointers of this upcoming show.  

Will this work well or not? 

No matter what, it is “worth watching”.

Jailbirds: New Orleans Age Rating

Netflix Series Jailbirds: New Orleans Age Rating is TV-MA  for strong language.

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