Best Religious Easter Movies: The Festival Easter is all about remembering Jesus Christ and everything he did for mankind. It is a religious festival for Christian and a public holiday also.

Jesus Christ’s life is full of struggles and hardships. He has faced a lot of things in his life. A lot of movies that are based on the life of Jesus are made so that people can know about him more.

Best Religious Easter Movies

In the article below, we have given you a list of “Best Religious Easter Movies“. These movies are a good option if you wanted to know more about Jesus Christ and his life.

1. Ben-Hur
2. The Ten Commandments
3. The Gospel According to St. Matthew
4. The Last Temptation of Christ
5. The Greatest Story Ever Told


Ben-Hur is a rich Jewish Prince and also a merchant in Jerusalem. This movie is set after Ben-Hur’s old friend named Messala arrives as a commanding officer. Initially, both of them are happy to see each other. However, everything changes after Messala send Judah to galleys even after knowing that he did nothing wrong.

Director William Wyler
Rating 8.1/10
Genre Adventure, Drama, History
Release Year 1959

The Ten Commandments

This movie is set around the life of Moses. He is raised as a prince of Egypt. Everything was going well until Moses got to know some hidden truths about his real identity. He was shocked to know about his real heritage. Moses was born to work as a deliverer of his people and free them from slavery. {Available on Amazon}

Director Cecil B. DeMille
Rating 7.9/10
Genre Adventure, Drama, Family
Release Year 1956

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